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New 'Core Trustworthy Data Repository Requirements' available: apply now

The DSA Board are very pleased to announce the availability of the new 'Core Trustworthy Data Repository Requirements' on the Data Seal of Approval website. Applicants are now invited to apply for the new Seal.
We've cooperated closely with the World Data System through a Research Data Alliance working group to develop these revised requirements. We all feel they provide an improved set of criteria for entry level certification of trustworthy repositories. Though there are a number of changes, including a greater focus on infrastructure and security, care was taken to ensure that existing DSA applicants should be able to apply for this new version.
We worked to make guidance clearer throughout and we've addressed past feedback from DSA applicants on what could be improved. But we're also relying on our new applicants to provide additional feedback to info(at) so we can continue to improve the requirements and the service we offer. We also hope to develop extended guidance to help cover particular issues or areas of disciplinary coverage in more detail.
As we've shared previously the cooperation with WDS will continue. Our eventual goal is to provide a single Core TDR certification process and management board as well as a single set of requirements. As a first step each new application will be shared with a member of the WDS reviewer pool, including members of their Scientific Committee. This will help us offer an improved, consistent service together. Applicants who achieve the DSA may also apply to join the WDS if they meet the additional membership requirements.
We'll be in touch over the coming weeks and months to share our plans and seek your thoughts on the process.



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