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WDS and DSA Announce Unified Requirements for Core Certification of Trustworthy Data Repositories

The Hague, Netherlands and Tokyo, Japan– 25 November 2016

The ICSU World Data System (WDS) and the Data Seal of Approval (DSA) Board are pleased to announce the availability of their unified Requirements for Core Trustworthy Data Repository certification.

A unified catalogue of requirements was developed through a DSA–WDS partnership Working Group within the Research Data Alliance (RDA). The group built on inherent complementarity between the criteria previously established by the two organizations to harmonize unified and universal requirements reflecting the core characteristics of trustworthy data repositories.

After an extensive period of public commentary and after conducting test certifications, the two organizations are pleased to announce the availability of the first version of the Requirements for Core Trustworthy Data Repository certification.

Prof Sandy Harrison, Chair of the WDS Scientific Committee, indicated that ‘Research data repositories across the world and scientific domains will benefit from a single set of internationally recognized requirements to demonstrate their status as a Trustworthy Data Repository.’

The DSA Board and the WDS Scientific Committee are working together to further align their certification procedures and ensure that the research community will have a single, clear reference point for seeking Core Trustworthy Data Repository certification.

Hervé L’Hours, Chair of the DSA Board noted that ‘As future members of WDS and applicants for the DSA Seal undertake certifications, we will continue to seek community feedback with a view to further clarify and extend the guidance provided.’

An Introduction to the Core Trustworthy Data Repositories Requirements

Core Trustworthy Data Repositories Requirements

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Data Seal of Approval (DSA)
The DSA was established as a trustworthy digital repository standard by a number of institutions committed to the long- term curation and preservation of research data. The 16 requirements ascertain that the research data is discoverable on the internet, accessible, usable, reliable and citable. The DSA Board grants the Data Seal of Approval to repositories that are committed to archiving and providing access to data in a sustainable way.

ICSU World Data System (WDS)
WDS is a membership organization commited to improve the trustworthiness of scientific data services by fostering the compliance with international and agreed-upon community standards, increasing data accessibility and the sustainability of scientific data infrastructures. WDS promotes universal and equitable access to quality-assessed scientific data, data services, products, and information covering a broad range of disciplines from the Natural and Social Sciences, and Humanities. Accredited WDS Regular and Network Members have a national or international remit for scientific data stewardship while co-opted Partner and Associate Members support the WDS endeavour.


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