Data Seal of Approval

The Core Trustworthy Data Repository Requirements

1. The repository has an explicit mission to provide access to and preserve data in its domain.

2. The repository maintains all applicable licenses covering data access and use and monitorscompliance.

3. The repository has a continuity plan to ensure ongoing access to and preservation of its holdings.

4. The repository ensures, to the extent possible, that data are created, curated, accessed, and used in compliance with disciplinary and ethical norms.

5. The repository has adequate funding and sufficient numbers of qualified staff managed through a clear system of governance to effectively carry out the mission.

6. The repository adopts mechanism(s) to secure ongoing expert guidance and feedback (either in-house, or external, including scientific guidance, if relevant).

7. The repository guarantees the integrity and authenticity of the data.

8. The repository accepts data and metadata based on defined criteria to ensure relevance and understandability for data users.

9. The repository applies documented processes and procedures in managing archival storage of the data.

10. The repository assumes responsibility for long-term preservation and manages this function in a planned and documented way.

11. The repository has appropriate expertise to address technical data and metadata quality and ensures that sufficient information is available for end users to make quality-related evaluations.

12. Archiving takes place according to defined workflows from ingest to dissemination.

13. The repository enables users to discover the data and refer to them in a persistent way through proper citation.

14. The repository enables reuse of the data over time, ensuring that appropriate metadata are available to support the understanding and use of the data.

15. The repository functions on well-supported operating systems and other core infrastructural software and is using hardware and software technologies appropriate to the services it provides to its Designated Community.

16. The technical infrastructure of the repository provides for protection of the facility and its data, products, services, and users.



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