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General Assembly

The DSA General Assembly is the governing body of the DSA Community. The General Assembly elects the DSA Board and provides the Board with advice when needed. General Assembly members commit to conducting a maximum of three peer reviews a year to ensure that the DSA remains community-driven and sustainable.

Peer Reviewers

Peer Reviewers have completed at least one self-assessment which resulted in the award of the DSA without outsourcing compliance to any guidelines. They review and assess evidence in a timely, complete, and impartial manner, ensuring that DSA applications stay confidential until the DSA is awarded.


The DSA Board is drawn from and elected by the General Assembly representatives. The Board conducts the daily business of the DSA Community, manages and monitors the DSA assessment procedure, convenes meetings of the General Assembly and informs the DSA Community about all DSA activities.

The DSA Board members, who have taken office on January 1, 2016, for a two-year term are:

Ingrid Dillo, DANS
Francoise Genova, Strasbourg Astronomical Data Center
John Howard, University College Dublin
Mari Kleemola, Finnish Data Archive (FSD)
Herve L’Hours, UKDA
Marion Massol, CINES
Natascha Schumann, GESIS-Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences
Paul Trilsbeek, MPI

DSA Board 2014.jpegDSA Board 2014

Former DSA Board members, September 2014, Amsterdam. From left to right: Paul Trilsbeek - MPI-Nijmegen, Hervé L'Hours - UKDA, Ingrid Dillo - DANS, Mary Vardigan - ICPSR (chair),  Marion Massol - CINES and Armin Straube - DNB,


The DSA community comprises all of the organisations with one or more DSA-certified repositories.

More information on the DSA Community, General Assembly, Board and Peer Reviewers can be found in the DSA Regulations.

The current DSA community members are:

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