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Cut-off date current guidelines: 13th June 2016

As previously announced the DSA will be transitioning to a new version of the guidelines which have been developed with the World Data System as part of the RDA interest group on certification. The comment period for the new guidelines has now ended and we hope to begin certifying against these for the period 2017-2019 from September 2016.

In preparation for the new transition we have extended current awards of the seal through 2017 and will be closing any outstanding applications to the current guidelines on 13th of June this year. This means that you have to submit the repository self-assessment before 13th of June 2016 in order to get the DSA seal 2014-2017. Any submissions received before that date must be awarded and finalised by August 2016 to allow us to move to the new guidelines on time.

We don’t expect organisations to rush to start or complete (re)certification under the old guidelines as though the new guidelines differ in structure and content they have been designed to better describe requirements and request equivalent evidence. So if you haven’t completed the process please consider applying under the new guidelines. As the new guidelines will be introduced late in 2016 the new DSA will be awarded for three years across 2017-2019.



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